Founded in 2010 Books Hostel is where it all began. Here you will find all the things in Rio you weren’t looking for. Christ, Sugar loaf and beach are all just traveller’s homework in Rio. At Books you can also experience genuine fun; dangerous caipirinhas, more hats than you can count, crazy staff, and all by a shirtless man wearing a captain hat and a lazy as fuck guy with afro hair.

Our website will become our new platform to connect and engage with you, our Worldwide Books’ Family, and to extend the reach of our exciting new projects to you all. Welcome aboard! We are committed to showing you the truest perspective of the exciting world you’re a part of when you check in at Books Hostel.

Updated weekly, we create a unique space for our guests where they can write their best stories they created at Books. We believe our Books spirit can conquer half of the world, and this website is just the starting point.

If you read all that, and it wasn't scary, come together: Live here and be happy – whether you are hungover or not, is up to you!

The Book of Books – 5th Anniversary

Managing a hostel is not just a good job. It is my dream job. Despite of all the hard work helping people to book flights or just taking them to hospital (and you know who you are), there is always time for a capirinha, a visit to cachaça bar and plenty of ginger shots. Along these five years, Books gave me the unique opportunity to meet the most amazing people in this world and also to learn how to deal with hungovers quite well. Coming from 102 different countries, our guests made it possible to learn a lot about cultures…

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