At Books we are proud to offer more than just a hostel service. We are closely connected with artisans and skilled artists from Rio, and encourage them to collaborate with creative guests wherever possible. We have created numerous street art story pieces, along with developing a strong narrative throughout the hostel with collaborative murals. Feeling creative and staying here a while? Talk to the Captain to see if there is a wall free for you.


The Book of Books – 5th Anniversary

Managing a hostel is not just a good job. It is my dream job. Despite of all the hard work…


Albergue Carioca

How many times have you though how interesting would be to have a reality show about a hostel?! Well, I…


Best of Books

What is the best about Books?! We keep asking ourselves why do you all go and come back? Why do…


Dona Flor

“Dona Flor and her Two Husbands” is one of the most famous novels of Brazilian Literature. Written by Jorge Amado,…


Carnival Street Project

Brasilian carnival is probably the most famous carnival in the world. It is a festival that attracts millions of people…


O Auto Da Compadecida

"The Act of Compassion" is a play written in 1955, which was adapted into a famous movie in 2000. The…