Dangerous Caipirinhas

Why do we call them dangerous?! Just ask some former travellers who had underestimated the full power of Caipirinhas. Mixing the traditional flavours like Lime, with Strawberry and watermelon might hide the cachaça flavour, but believe us, it’s still there. So like a wise guy told us: You don’t have to drink responsibly, but at least don’t drink like a retard…


Largest Hostel Hat Collection in the World

We heard a lot about how important it is to have a padlock, a lonely planet, suncream, or to speak the countries native tongue. But no-one ever mentioned how important it is for travellers to wear lots and lots of hats. A hat shows the world your individuality, it represents how you think or what you believe – and it’s always important to wear a protective helmet when you keep making sexist jokes… At Books we offer you the biggest hat collection in the world, so big that we can barely fit all of it in a fridge!


Books Hostel Adoption Service

When you travel the world, it’s easy to feel homeless at times. Jumping from one place to the other, packing all the time, saying lots of goodbyes is difficult. It’s a good feeling to settle down, to choose a city to live for a while, work for a bit, and enjoy having a commitment – even if it revolves around caipirinhas! So, at Books you can stay here and work with us, living in this marvellous city for one or two months, sunbathing in the morning, and preparing drinks at night. We’d love to welcome you into the Books Family!


Breakfast of Champions

If you have experienced our dangerous caipirinhas and still can wake up for breakfast, you are warrior – and no one should be foolish enough to disappoint a warrior. Prepared “with love” by our Stewards, we offer to you fresh fruits, including the amazingly sweet mango, complemented by nutritious müesli, a toastie maker that has survived through millions of hungry warriors avid for cheese and ham toasted sandwiches – even brown bread for all the girls that complain a lot about gaining weight whilst traveling! Our breakfast is fuel for you warriors to start your day right, regardless of the battles from the night before – then we guarantee you will be ready for adventures in Rio.


Hangover Cure

Again the Dangerous Caipirinhas ruining our lives – but everything in life has a price. If you want to have fun here, the rum will wake you up in the morning with a bad hungover. Then you have three options: Face it and adventure through Rio, Hair of the Dog or use Books Hostel Hangover Cure. What does it consist of we hear you ask?! Bean bags and a huge movie collection, a collection full of the movies you’ve already watched a thousand times. From The Hangover, Old School and Pulp Fiction we have them all. It is guaranteed that after you crash in a bean bag, cup of Brazilian coffee in hand, you’ll love it like it was the first time again…