Aside from all you wonderful travellers, Books wouldn't be possible without these guys below.


The Captain One of the founder of Books Hostel he’s been here since the beginning. Rarely wearing anything else than shorts, his beloved beard and never without his capitain Hat, it’s a bit of a mystery if he actually owns a shirt… Carrying a bottle of rum once in a while is difficult not to think of Captain Haddock when you see him. Travellers famously love him for his sharp wit, but beware, sarcasm is his favourite hobby.


The Quarter Master Not much come out of Xande mouth unrelated to things that shouldn’t be public discussed. However, the easiness with which he speaks about these themes in one of this qualities. He is famous for the nickname: “Faz Tudo” that in portuguese means do everything. Normally this kind of people would be known as a fixer for situations such a shortage of any kind. He is guaranteed to make you laugh!


The Boatswain Boarded the ship in 2018, Alonzo is our funny naive staff member. His and Felipe history crossed ways long long ago at high school when both developed a very fair love for drinking and making stupid things. Big football fan, penthouse and winter house owner, party organizer, his job here is fundamental to keep the Books time of my life spirit up.

Mariazinha & Adriana

Stewards Working together to keep this place clean, their biggest enemies are dirty longtime backpackers, smelly shoes, and never get caught not washing up your plate! Mariazinha is the angry one, who carries around the Naughty Spoon, and Adriana is the good cop, who works hard to keep this place so clean!

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